17. 08. 2023

Introducing PLAIGROUND CAMP: A Fusion of Technology, Nature, and Human Connection

At Kibersektor, we’re committed to innovation, collaboration, and growth, aiming to unite technology, education, nature, and human connection.

Our focus extends beyond technological breakthroughs to building profound relationships and evolving as a community.

This year, we’re thrilled to announce a one-of-a-kind experience that embodies our core values: PLAIGROUND CAMP.

A Vision Inspired by FutureProofs Camp

Our founder, Ivan Tride, recently attended FutureProofs Camp, where he was inspired by the incredible synergy of technology, nature, and human interaction.

The experience deeply influenced Ivan, leading him to develop a related idea for our Bulgarian community. He expanded on it with his distinct style and approach, working with his team to infuse it with the unconventional spirit of Kibersektor.


A transformative three-day adventure nestled amidst the stunning wilderness of the Rhodope Mountains.

Imagine starting your day with mindfulness activities and meditation, tuning into yourself. Then diving into hands-on AI workshops where we’ll play and experiment with cutting-edge tools. You’ll explore how AI can enhance your life, your work, and how you can use it for good.

We’ll also have outdoor adventures, fireside chats, stargazing nights, and so much more. It’s all about connecting, learning, growing, and having a blast while doing it..

Why You Should Join Us

It’s Different: We’re mixing tech with nature, learning with playing, and professional growth with personal discovery.

It’s Exclusive: With only 10-15 spots, you’ll have a chance to truly connect with others.

It’s All About You: We’ve crafted a journey with a holistic approach. From meditation to AI workshops, from nature adventures to philosophical discussions, we cover all aspects of human existence, aligning technology with the human soul.

Ready to Jump In?

Secure your spot now, and let’s make something unforgettable together at PLAIGROUND CAMP! This is an amazing chance to escape the digital overwhelm, to sharpen your skills, to build meaningful relationships, and come back ready to take on the digital world.

Deadline: 30 August 2023