27. 05. 2024

The Birth of SEKTOR01

This project began with the ambition to showcase our vision of a futuristic lifestyle brand, combining real-life and virtual events, XR gamification, real products with virtual extensions, and immersive narrative experience enhanced with VFX and storytelling. This is the experimental playground of our team at Kibersektor to push the boundaries of our skills and imagination.

This adventure took off from The Cybertemple – our virtual event space hosted on the VRChat platform /for now/. This platform allowed us to build an interactive environment where we could fully immerse our guests in our imaginative creations. However, we quickly realized that just having social gatherings and exhibitions wasn’t enough. We needed to introduce an element of gamification to make it more fun.

Youtube V1Ruz

Introducing the V1RUZ Bug

To enhance the Cybertemple experience, we introduced a villain: the V1RUZ bug. This digital adversary disrupted the peace and transformed the social venue into an interactive battleground. But why would anyone care about a virtual bug in a virtual world? To bridge this gap, we created a VFX-enhanced short-form series on social media, crafting a narrative that the V1RUZ bug posed a real-world threat. This storyline engaged our audience by blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

Raising Awareness Through Storytelling

We used the V1RUZ bug to highlight how fake news can distort reality. The bug, an evolved AI seen on the internet, represents the impact of misinformation. By creating a narrative where the world is in danger from this bug, we drew parallels to how people’s realities can be affected by believing in fake news. This concept allowed us to introduce our products as part of the narrative, presenting them as tools to raise awareness and protect against the V1RUZ threat.

Innovative Products

Our products, such as the GearKit, UNIT01 suit and AlertWear, were integrated into the storyline to enhance the immersive experience. These items are not just merchandise; they are futuristic gadgets designed to engage and entertain. The SEKTOR01 Member Card, for example, is a physical PVC card with a QR code that activates an AR filter, transforming it into a sci-fi device with interactive buttons to browse news, stories, and event updates.

Virtual Events and Gamification

We are excited to announce our next virtual event, “CYBERTEMPLE – THE INFESTATION” In this event, participants will enter the Cybertemple in VR (or PC), equipped with our Z9-T Decompiler to shoot V1RUZ bugs and win special prizes. Some bugs may drop eggs containing promo codes for up to 100% off our products at sektor01.com. This event exemplifies our unique approach to merging entertainment with immersive technology.

SEKTOR01 represents our bold vision and experimentation with our best skills. By integrating creative storytelling with advanced XR technologies, we believe we are laying the foundation for an unique project with a fictional story evolving in real-time through our community.

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