18. 01. 2023

KIBERSEKTOR : Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to KIBERSEKTOR. Innovative studio dedicated to creating cutting-edge visual effects, phygital products, and immersive XR experiences.

At the end of 2022, we opened our physical studio in Plovdiv with a team of three. Ivan Tride is the XR evangelist,with his roots in VFX his futuristic vision brought us together.
Miroslav IV. is the tech-savvy problem-solver, and Zikwaga is the procedural maniac in our team always sure to bring our projects to the next level. Together we strive to always learn, adapt, explore, and experiment with our work.

Our clients reach out to us when they need something creative and outstanding. We believe that our passion and dedication distinguish us from the rest. As a team, we value utilizing the latest technologies and tools, constantly improving our workflows to deliver exceptional and innovative solutions.

We have an impressive portfolio of projects for Extended Reality, including AR filters, interactive experiences, and phygital items. Our VFX portfolio includes music videos, advertisements, trailers, and more.

We are not just a studio for client work. We also are expanding our focus to connect and build a vibrant community, organizing meetups, workshops, exhibitions, installations, and AR & VR showcases. We are currently preparing our market, which will offer all kinds of merch & wearables, phygital items, and interactive artworks.

Our mission is to promote collective growth, develop unique products, and provide education and entertainment.

For our clients, we offer creative and outstanding services utilizing the latest technologies. We solve your problems using exceptional and innovative solutions.

Join us in experiencing innovation at its finest.