03. 10. 2023


In the serene embrace of the Rodopi Mountains, PLAIGROUND Camp spanned three memorable days from 22-24 September 2023. It wasn’t just a tech event: it was a place where people truly connected, shared stories, and discovered more about themselves. Here’s a look back at our creative tech adventure.

Day 1

As participants arrived, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. 🌞

We began with an introduction to the event’s origin and our mission to unite diverse individuals keen on personal and professional growth in this rapidly-evolving world – mixing hands-on practice with new AI tools and creative workshops, self-discovery, personal challenges, and adventures in the forest. 💫

In the evening, each attendee took part in our special “Show and Tell” panel, sharing their unique background and interests. It was fascinating to see the spectrum of talents on display, from the tech nuances of web developers and 3D enthusiasts to the artistic beats of music producers and the innovative spirit of entrepreneurs. ☄️

This session was enlightening and helped to open up engaging conversations later on, enriched by remarkable regional cuisine and drinks. 🥗🍷

The twilight hours found us circled around the campfire, its flames mirroring the spark of our shared inspiration. 🌲✨

Day 2

We invited the sun with an invigorating meditation session. 🧘‍♀️

This calm start was juxtaposed by Ivan Tride’s electrifying presentation on the “Adaptation and Application of XR and AI Technologies in Business, Entertainment, and Daily Life.” 🤖

The day’s challenge was then unveiled: participants were to form teams and delve into the “Mysteries of Madzharovo” using AI tools, with hands-on demonstrations on their usage. 🦾

Our adventure led us first to a local museum, immersing us in regional artifacts and treasures for inspiration. The forest exploration that followed was genuinely thrilling. Each team captured a wealth of images, later to be refined and incorporated into their presentations.🧭🗺️

As the night emerged, we transitioned to the most vibrant segment of our journey: the Talent Night. Music played, instruments resonated, voices sang, and spontaneous freestyle battles erupted. An open mic brought forth a cascade of jokes and comedy, with everyone showcasing their unique flair.🪗🥳

It was, without doubt, the most vibrant day—bursting with technological creativity, exploration, and genuine fun.✨

Day 3

Our day was ignited by Yoana Atanasova’s insightful session on “Emotional Plasticity”. We deeply explored the myriad of human emotions and sentiments, discussing what sets us apart from technology and defines our unique essence.

Through a transformative exercise, we gazed into one another’s souls, sharing profoundly intimate moments. Each participant emerged with valuable insights about their emotional states and self-awareness.👁️

Transitioning, we were all eager to dive into the team presentations, uncovering the mysteries of Madzharovo they had discovered the previous day. It was evident that teams had invested considerable effort, and we were thoroughly entertained by their creativity, enhanced by AI interpretations.👨‍🎨

To wrap up our journey, we formed a gratitude circle where everyone shared their experiences, things they were thankful for and newfound wisdom. This session turned particularly heartfelt, realizing we had co-created a remarkable and unique experience. 🫀

Time seemed insufficient, leaving us yearning for more. Well, until next time! ⚡️