22. 02. 2023

SEKTOR 01 : Our first Virtual Party

Have you ever been to a virtual party? We won’t be suprised if you say no.

Recently, we hosted our first virtual party in VRCHAT, which was located in our custom-made virtual world called SEKTOR 01. In this blog post, we will take you through the entire experience and give you a glimpse of what a virtual party in VRCHAT looks like.

VRCHAT was the platform we used to host our party because we found it to be the most diverse multiplayer suitable for tailoring this unique custom experience just as we had imagined it. SEKTOR 01 was filled with countless action-packed areas that were sure to keep everyone entertained.

The first floor of SEKTOR 01 showcased our latest AR-ready items, including the UNIT 01 suit, Kibersektor Access card, and our AR-enabled artwork. Going down into a secret cave, you could come across and interact with some of the digital creations we’ve crafted along the way.

The underground floor of SEKTOR 01 housed the Afterparty and the dIVas. anniversary exhibition. The event date was exactly one year after the release of Miroslav IV.’s collection dIVas. In a special room, we curated the best artworks from this year, including collaborations and the physical dIVa.

At the afterparty, attendees could enjoy the premiere of UNSECURE DATAMIX 5 by olex oleole. After all the partying and exploring, attendees hung out in the Chill room, where they could view an exhibition of creative works produced by our community or continue exploring to find all the hidden gems.

We had a blast at the SEKTOR 01 virtual party and want to thank everyone who showed up and had fun with us. If you missed our event, don’t worry; you can always follow us on Instagram and join our Discord to stay updated on upcoming events.