25. 04. 2023

PORTAL 1.01 : Our first public event

Our first public event in Plovdiv was an unforgettable experience, as visual artist Petko Tanchev and Kibersektor teamed up to create an immersive digital playground. This unique cultural gathering brought our community together, offering the perfect blend of tech, art, and human connection.

The Cybertemple

Kibersektor’s ambitious Cyber Temple project is a testament to the power of technology in shaping creative spaces. It is like our digital extension. Although the project is still evolving, we have already hosted a successful virtual event, with 40-50 participants connecting from home via VR and PC.

Petko Tanchev’s inventive artistic vision was on display at the event. By integrating 3D models from our Cyber Temple project, Petko developed an interactive installation that allowed participants to explore an alternate reality, generating intrigue and excitement.

Our laid-back Sunday gathering enabled attendees to meet face-to-face, fostering new connections and reinforcing our tech-focused community. The event piqued curiosity and interest, with participants eager to learn about future events. We’re driven to continue supporting our community and expanding their appreciation of innovative technologies through engaging experiences.

The positive response to this collaborative event has inspired us to plan more technology-driven gatherings. Keep an eye out for updates on future events, as we strive to deliver innovative experiences to Plovdiv and cultivate a connected, tech-savvy community.

We’re grateful for the chance to collaborate with talented visual artist Petko Tanchev and excited about the possibilities of Kibersektor’s in-house Cyber Temple project. We eagerly anticipate sharing more groundbreaking, tech-centered experiences with our community in the future.